Online Casino

One of the biggest revenue generator

Casino industry is considered as a one of the biggest revenue generator for so many country around the globe. There was a time when economic grout of the world are at the edge, then nobody knew the casino industry will come as a revenue generator for some of the country. But now betting with a greater opportunity and good economy is not a big deal in casino industry. Casino is the part of entertainment business, hence south America and southern part of Africa offers great enhanced possibility regarding casino business. Country like the Us, Itely, and Brazil consider casino gaming as a great revenue generator

Online Casino

Casino bally technology

Among slot machine manufacturers, one of the oldest form is Bally technology founded in 1968, which his looking forward to expand this technology throughout the world by establishing center for slot machine as well as system. there is a simple logic, in term of generating revenue through casino. The founder of this technology was Jack Solomon and Alvin Snapper. This technology is also creating a sufficient revenue for their country.

 How much revenue can be generated

In gambling business there is lot of profit for the casino. The record says, 76.1 million patrons were served as a US revenue ,when American Gaming Association  generated this amount from 464 casino around the United State. In US, the gaming revenue yield more money than a movie industry and music industry every year. As we know gambling is consider as key factor of crime, corruption etc but still the flow of revenue generation is high. Around 4 percent of the  American population suggest a pathological and even problematic addition toward gambling. It is a common concept that if you loss, the casino wins. There is a psychology that player play fast when they loss.


Although Casino industry is a great revenue generator but its main disadvantage is promotion of the crime, money laundering and corruption. Its best example is the gambling capital Las Vegas that had adapted casino industry as social heritage but recent scenario suggest that it has become a crime stage of United State .There are so many country which’s lessen the importance of casino as a revenue generator, for example, Kenya has increases the casino tax up to 35 % but this is not only country who restricts casino practice to the country. Germany restricts the casino industry with 90% of tax collection on the winning amount for player as well as casino also pay tax.